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The Olds Golf Club is a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary facility that prides itself on offering a championship golf experience at a price that remains affordable to everyone. We understand that the high prices you find for a quality golf experience makes golfing unattainable for many. Our Mission Statement remains to this day “to provide an affordable community recreational facility”. Staying true to this mission has allowed us to carve out a successful niche in the Central Alberta golf market. We continually provide Championship caliber course conditions, fair pricing and friendly service all of which contribute to our success. Olds also has a excellent 5 hole Par 3 course to help players with their short game or to introduce young players to the game. The expanded clubhouse and conference/tournament space will comfortably host events up to 70 people and is perfect for meetings, luncheons and medium size tournaments. For large events, three rooms are linked through a unique sound system allowing the MC or tournament chairperson the ability to communicate effectively with the entire group. Whether your group is large or small, the food and beverage staff will make your event a tremendous and cost effective success.




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