Coyote Creek Golf and RV Resort

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Coyote Creek Golf & RV Resort has become the Golf and RV enthusiasts’ destination of choice. You get the best of both worlds here at Coyote Creek, play golf all day and stay at your very own recreational property at night enjoying a campfire and the peace and tranquility of the resort.

With 40 spacious RV Sites, Coyote Creek has become one of Alberta’s newest “Stay and Play” destinations. We invite all Golf & RV enthusiasts to come and enjoy our 18 hole golf course, RV Park, and fully licensed clubhouse.

Our rental park consists of 30 beautifully landscaped sites as well as 10 spacious pull-thru sites. All of these sites are big enough to accommodate any size of RV while being situated along the #6 fairway of the Deer Nine.

GOLF: 1-403-638-2450

RV: 1-403-638-1215


  • Golfing
  • RV Camping

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