Coral Creek Canyon - Pursuit Adventures

Chill Like A Local: Winter Adventures in Central Alberta

As the temperature dips and the frost begins to accumulate on the ground, there’s one thing likely to be on your mind: its time to get out and explore! Winter comes alive in Central Alberta and below we outline a few examples of how you can experience it. Festive Festivities Markets, town light ups, festivals, […]

Central Alberta - Biking

Adventure Like A Local: Your Guide To Mountain Biking & Skateboarding In Central Alberta

Mountain Biking is the ultimate thrill and challenge on wheels. Of course, you need an off road experience, not necessarily the mountains, to mountain bike. That’s why some people go for sand dunes, rocky shores, or rolling hills – here’s your guide to some of the places to head to for mountain biking and skateboarding […]


Jam Like A Local: Your Guide For Music In Central Alberta

Central Alberta is the go-to place for music festivals, country music concerts, and more live music than you’ll know what to do with. Several summer festivals take place, jam-packed with music and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for that beat to drop or some smooth jazz, here’s where to go in Central Alberta! Concerts and Festivals […]

Riverbend Golf Course

Putt Like A Local: Your Golf Guide To Central Alberta

Summer is the perfect time to try and break par. Choose from one of Central Alberta’s many golf courses and hone your putting skills, or get ready to swing in some tournaments! Red Deer A plethora totalling five golf courses litter Red Deer and the surrounding area. The Red Deer Golf & Country Club, the Balmoral […]

Mud Hero Alberta - Central Alberta

Tough It Like A Local: Your Guide To Central Alberta Races, Obstacle Courses, and Marathons

The Red Deer Spartan 5k Sprint / 13k Super Weekend may not be back until next June, but there’s more obstacles for you to jump over ahead! Fireworks & Music Kick off the summer leading into Canada Day fireworks with a Boogie Bounce Pop Up. Get your blood pumping with intense cardio and muscle conditioning […]